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How to stop, get rid of the yellow bar with the Enable Editing in Word and Excel 2010

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You may have noticed when you open a document in Word or Excel 2010 as a yellow bar appears, with a button to Enable editing, who will notify on that document is not secure and will not let you edit only if you click Enable Editing. A exemple of this is in the image below.

This feature of Word or Excel 2010 as a result of which it appears is to bar will protect your computer from malicious codes that might contain the document that you open the default and is set to Word and Excel 2010.

But sometimes this is very annoying, You may want to let you all atentioneze but if you got here will show you how you can turn off this option .

Check in File – Info and press the Protected View Settings

Will appear a window with settings uncheck these boxes as it will look like the image below and close your Word or Excel application.

After reopening each time going to open any document will flow directly into edit mode without turning up the yellow bar.

Good luck.



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