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[UPDATE] PCGH Germania a facut un articol cu Senior Programator, cel care a optimizat si a creeat motorul grafic MaxFX-Engine, si raspunde la niste intrebari arzatoare pentru comunitatea PC a jocului care urmeaza a fi lansat in februarie pe STEAM.

PCGH: As far as we are informed the technical base of Alan Wake will be your inhouse technology the “Alan Wake”-Engine, right? Is this technology based on your well known MaxFX-Engine or have you build it up from scratch?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: The Alan Wake engine is built at Remedy and the technology was made 99% from scratch after the Max Payne games. We designed the tech based on what we learned while doing the Max Payne games (and their console ports) as well as what Alan Wake needed to best support the gameplay – lights and shadows were critical!

PCGH: Remedy’s Markus confirmed that Alan Wake PC is DX9 but a few years ago there were rumors about DX10 support and Win Vista exclusiveness. So what are the reasons to do without DX10/11 in case of the PC version and can you confirm Win XP support?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: We aim to support Windows XP SP2. There are still some minor issues we need to solve, and it’s not sure whether it can be an “officially supported platform” but the game will run on it. Remedy wants to support the widest amount of gamers we can.

PCGH: As far as we know Alan Wake features a state of the art Deferred Renderer including FP16-HDR, Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion, a great Motion Blur, amazing Dynamic Shadows, Depth of Field and more. Can you confirm that and can we besides these effects expect other rendering technologies like soft filtered Dynamic Shadows or over again better Lighting for PC version?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: The engine is pretty advanced, and there are some nice quality settings we can turn up on the PC – for example God Rays were enabled on the Xbox360 in only some specific locations, on the PC they can be on at all times.

PCGH: What is your personal highlight of the renderer? The Lighting and Shadows, the extremely far view distance (I guess it was about 2 km according to Remedy), the fantastic volumetric fog system or something completely different? By the way we love the Hide HUD feature!

Markus Mäki, Remedy: I’m proud of quite a few things in the renderer. My favourite perhaps is deferred shading combined with MSAA. I also like the dynamic range of tones and “feelings” we can get out of the engine. And of course the landscape and foliage system, how it’s “procedural but artist controllable” allowing the wide range of scenery and large landscapes.

PCGH: Remedy’s Markus confirmed FXAA in the company’s forums and talked about MSAA in case of Deferred Rendering; the Console version utilizes Multisampling-Antialiasing and also Alpha to Coverage for Alan’s hairs. Will the PC version of Alan in fact be shipped with support for MSAA, FXAA and A2C?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: Yes, Alan Wake PC will be shipped with MSAA, FXAA and A2C – on DX9.

PCGH: The Console version of Alan Wake is locked at 30 Fps with double-buffered Vertical Sync and Remedy confirmed double-buffered Vertical Sync also for PC version. Can we expect an unlocked framerate in case of the PC version or will there be a (Vsync) cap at 30 or 60 Fps?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: The frame rate is not locked to 30 or 60 and there is a option to turn Vsync off in-game. It looks great at 60fps.

PCGH: Will there be noticeable differences between the Console and PC version of Alan Wake as far as technology and visuals are concerned (e.g. high res textures)? What special effects, graphics and technical features can only be rendered by the PC’s powerful hardware?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: While the content and engine are in principle unchanged, we can turn the quality and resolution up in quite a few areas – I mentioned God Rays earlier, and FXAA was also mentioned, but there are a few other settings that make the game prettier. On a high end graphics card you can boost the quality of things like volumetric light and SSAO.

PCGH: In year 2006 Intel showcased Alan Wake for their Core 2 Quad multicore CPUs and Remedy mentioned a 30 percent Fps benefit using four instead of two cores in our last mail interview 2008. Did you rework the multithreading or worker job system so that Alan Wake PC is able to utilize even six or eight cores for smoother rendering?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: The engine occasionally uses more than 4 threads, but the engine does not scale that well beyond four cores. A Quadcore PC features a lot of power, and the engine is pretty efficient! The bottleneck comes from feeding DirectX with data.

PCGH: The Physics in the games is based on the popular Havok middleware, is that correct? Does Havok use a dedicated CPU core or is physics calculation done via multithreading? What is your personal option about GPU accelerated physics effects like Nvidias PhysX in case e.g. Batman Arkham City or even accelerated gameplay physics via GPU?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: Yes, Alan Wake uses Havok Physics and Animation to great effect. Havok uses dedicated thread fort he physics processing.I think GPU accelerated physics can be great for special effects, but it’s harder to make these physics objects have an impact to the game world – it’s mainly a visual benefit. Whereas the CPU physics are integral part of the players’ interaction in the world.

PCGH: What is about Nvidias Stereo 3D? Does Alan Wake PC support this feature? Can we expect optimizations for Crossfire and SLI?

Markus Mäki, Remedy: We have internally tested that the game works very nicely on 3D Vision, but a very powerful graphics card is recommended. We’ve had so far had very limited resources to test Crossfire and SLI, but are working with the manufacturers to test how they work.

Asa cum am spus si in articolul precedent cum ca  Alan Wake vine in sfarsit si pe PC, acum a fost anuntat pentru luna Februarie 2012 doar pe platforma Steam, ciudat totusi ca nu foloseste Games for Windows Live, doar  Steamworks, poate de aceea isi lanseaza singuri jocul fara ajutorul celor de la Microsoft. Mai jos avem o aproximatie a cerintelor pentru a putea juca acest joc, si sincer nu par a fi foarte ridicate, la cum se laudau ei in momentul lansarii pe Xbox. Portarea este facuta in-house formata dintr-o echipa mica Remedy dar si cu ajutorul filandezilor Nitro Games care au o experienta cand vine vorba de portarea unor jocuri pentru platforma Steam.

Mai aflam cum ca nu va avea nici o versiune demo in momentul lansarii lui pe Steam si va ocupa aproximativ 7.5 GB spatiu, si ca versiunea de MAC nu va fi suportata. Jocul te va lasa sa te joci fie traditional adica din mouse si tastatura fie dintr-o maneta Xbox 360.

La capatul articolului v-am pus la dispozitie comunicatul oficial al celor de la Remedy privind jocul Alan Wake pe PC prin care si raspunde la cateva intrebari interesante puse de comunitate.

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 (see below for Windows XP)
PROCESSOR: A dual core processor is required:

  • AMD: Athlon X2 2.8GHz
  • Intel: Core 2 Duo 2GHz

VIDEO CARD: DirectX 10 compatible or later with 512MB RAM

  • AMD: ATI Radeon 3650, 4450, 5550, 6450 or higher (per series)
  • NVIDIA: GeForce 8600GT, 9500GT, GT120, GT430, GT520 (per series)

SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c compatible
INPUT: Mouse and keyboard, Xbox360 controller also supported


What is the release date?Alan Wake will be released on Steam during February 2012.

How much will Alan Wake on PC cost?

Pricing will be announced soon, a bit closer to release.

What bundle deals will be available?

Specifics about the bundle deals are still being worked out and will be announced closer to release.

What are the minimum specs for the game?

We are still finalising the optimisations and graphics scalability, so some details can still change.

This is our current view:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
PROCESSOR: A dual core processor is required:

  • AMD: Athlon X2 2.8GHz
  • Intel: Core 2 Duo 2GHz

VIDEO CARD: DirectX 10 compatible or later with 512MB RAM

  • AMD: ATI Radeon 3650, 4450, 5550, 6450 or higher (per series)
  • NVIDIA: GeForce 8600GT, 9500GT, GT120, GT430, GT520 (per series)

SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c compatible
INPUT: Mouse and keyboard, Xbox360 controller also supported

What do I need to run with max settings?

For a solid performance Remedy recommends a modern quad-core CPU and a graphics card with around 2000 in 3DMark Graphics Score as seen in here:

For max settings and high resolutions, a top of the line graphics card and CPU is needed.

Will the game be released on the Mac?

Unfortunately, the game will not be available for Mac users.

Will it support Windows XP?

Yes. We have finished our testing and are satisfied the game works well, assuming the users’ systems are configured correctly (we detected some audio configuration problems during testing but nothing that can’t be worked around easily).

Is Alan Wake going to use Games for Windows Live?

Games for Windows Live will not be used; we will be fully supporting the Steam platform.

Who is the publisher?

Alan Wake PC is a Remedy self-published title.

Is Remedy developing the PC game?

The PC version is being developed together with a small team from Remedy as well as a talented team at Finnish independent developer, Nitro Games, who have previous and recent experience of releasing games on Steam.

Will there be a demo version?

Unfortunately, there won’t be a demo version of Alan Wake PC.

What control options will there be?

The PC version will support keyboard and mouse (fully configurable) and the Xbox 360 controller.

What features will be available on Steam?

The game will run using Steamworks, allowing for syncing of settings and save games to the Steam Cloud platform. Steam achievements will also be featured in the game.

Will the DLC Episodes be included in the game?

Both The Signal and The Writer DLCs will be available on Steam and are included in all copies of the game.

Is this release developed from the former PC version that was showcased a few years ago?

No. Any early material evolved into what ended up shipping on the 360. This PC release will be derived from what was released on the 360.

How large is the Steam download for the game?

Around 7.5GB.

What graphical customisations will the player be able to make?

We are still finalising the options, but the players can naturally adjust resolution, run in full screen or windowed and change numerous graphics quality settings such as anti-aliasing, FXAA, shadow quality, draw distance and so on.

The players can also turn off the HUD if they wish. This was a feature many of our fans wanted for Alan Wake Xbox360.

How will the save game system work?

The save games will work as they did on Xbox360, with automatic checkpoints. We know some of our PC fans would love a “save anywhere” system, but unfortunately we can’t easily change how the saves work as there are certain restrictions where you can save in the tech so adding a free save anywhere would likely expose a lot of new bugs.

What languages is the game localised to?

It is localised to same languages as Alan Wake Xbox360 with full voiceover and text localisations for English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese. Text localisation (Subtitle support and menu translations) will be provided in Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish and Russian.

Are you going to release the mod tools for Alan Wake PC?

Unfortunately Remedy is not planning to release the mod tools. The tools are a lot more complex than they were with the Max Payne games, and are based on many 3rd party commercial tools like Autodesk 3d studio max. Additionally they have been integrated to work with our Perforce asset repository and other internal services, and removing and re-implementing these features would be a lot of work.

Will Alan Wake PC support Stereoscopic 3D?

We have internally tested that the game works with NVISION 3D very nicely. It is fairly performance heavy though so a high end GPU such as the GeForce 580GTX and moderate graphics settings are recommended.

Remedy has not been able to test AMD HD3D (we spent some time trying), but AMD has access to the build and we are hoping they can confirm whether it works or not.

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